David (dblume) wrote,

Be Popular!

megami once noted how frustrating it is when something you've loved for very personal reasons becomes the flavor of the day.  I share the feeling.  And it's also frustrating when things you love die for lack of interest.

I'm still mourning A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books.  The Computer Literacy bookshops.  The Spiderman CG animation on MTV. (it didn't suck.  it was just different.)  The animated series Downtown on MTV, too.  The fact that I never got to watch X23, to decide if I'd like it or not.  Next Generation magazine.  Mangajin.  My favorite neighborhood Thai/Vietnamese restraunt.  Hell, the local pizza joint just closed, too.

I'm going to feel no shame in promoting the hell out of the things I love, now that I think about it.

[Edit] Here's one: Bento Xpress! Everybody, go to Bento Xpress! Say "Hi" to Don and Molly! Try the spam sushi. Talk about Hawaii. Read surfing magazines while waiting for your order.

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