David (dblume) wrote,

The V-U-Den Shrine

My other blogs are focussed on work and parenting.  I thought about converting this blog to a J-Pop blog, but that's still too broad in scope.  I've been an avid follower of all the Morning Musume graduates since 2001.  And no group better speaks to my heart than v-u-den.  They can say it better than I.

With that, I hereby rededicate this blog as the v-u-den shrine with the song, LovingAngelHeart.

April Fools!

My musical taste isn't more complex than the next average Joe's.  So, with full respect to the v-u-den fans in the world, let me just say that LovingAngelHeart is way too sweet for me, and that it fill me with abject horror and an odd, wrong fascination.

What J-Pop do I bliss out on?  No joke, I had to watch the Maeken Trance Project to wash the taste of the above video out of my mouth.

Now you know:  The line below refers to Maeken Trance Project, not LovingAngelHeart.

Now that's bliss.  Seriously, it just makes me happy.
Tags: music, zombies
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