David (dblume) wrote,

What was old is new again

What was one of the best things about the date-night my wife and I got to share together tonight?  Being able to visit a grocery store that sells Kettle brand Spicy Thai chips!  Yum!  We bought just two bags, and that was showing considerable restraint.

Spicy Thai chips have the most delicious ginger taste, and the sort of spiciness that requires you to eat more.  It's a wonder that I was able to hold myself back long enough to take this photo:

After that, we saw Juno at the Sundance Theater that used to be the Kabuki Theater in Japantown.  I remember when the Kabuki Theater had first been renovated by AMC, and thought it was pretty nice then.  Many years have passed, and it became run down.  I didn't know what to expect when Sundance took over last year.

Wow.  It's pretty elite.  You get to reserve your seats in the theater, and you can buy alcohol at the little restraurants in there.  It'd make for a posher dinner-and-movie experience than your average one.
Tags: art, food

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