David (dblume) wrote,

The USB Hydra

I just swapped my big office-with-a-view with my 2-year-old's tiny-little-babyroom. No father has made a greater sacrifice. Boy, but do I miss that room.

Anywho, I had no idea how many devices started attaching themselves to the computer. I thought it sucked that the internet requires 7 cables. (Phone jack to DSL modem. DC adapter to DSL modem. DSL modem to computer. Phone jack to DSL filter. DSL filter to modem. (In case DSL ever gets interrupted.) Modem to phone. Phone also requires DC adapter.)

But then, when it came time to move the computer, ye gods, what were all these other USB wires? Computer to keyboard. Computer to USB hub. (Great, another honkin' DC adapter.) Computer to iPod. Computer to tiny, cheap, always-with-you digital camera. Computer to better digital camera. Computer to photo-quality printer (for better digital camera, of course). Computer to PDA. Yeesh.

It's a sure thing that the next time I have to move that computer, that Hydra will have grown a handful of more heads.
Tags: programming

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