David (dblume) wrote,

Leaving My Children (the little daemons) Forever

One of the hardest parts of leaving Avid is leaving my children processes. They're scheduled to run at regular intervals, and create reports, and leave little status notes, and clean up after themselves. They've been running for months, years.

They do complicated things, and anything that can go wrong eventually does. Archives to process are in a different character set, they're corrupt, or they're malformed. Anything that can throw an exception eventually does. Files that are there at the beginning of processing disappear before processing finishes. It's like the waiter pulling your chair out from under you just as you prepare to sit.

Anyway, no one's there to watch over the little guys. Oh, my colleagues know the value of the reports the daemons make, but they don't check up on the daemons.

I wonder how the little guys are doing?
Tags: programming

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