David (dblume) wrote,

Free Disk Images and Clones

Back in the heady, easy days of XP, I'd automatically back up what was important to me with a little python, a little regex, and a little zipfile.  (I'd say that I scheduled the task, but I didn't.)  (Of course, I still have the offsite svn server.)

Now our primary computer at home is a Vista machine with two administrator accounts, two limited user accounts, with UAC sprinkled all over the place.  And that pushed the pain threshold just past the roll-your-own point for me.

What to do?

I noticed that my USB drive is a Seagate.  And then I saw that Seagate OEMs Acronis True Image.  Hmm.  Would it work?

I tried it out, and it tells me that it did!

Back up your stuff.
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