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Evangelion's Beautiful World

Beyond the Sea just reviewed Hikaru Utada's Beautiful World, and it's awesome.  Yea!  One more song for my JPop playlist while I'm out of the country.  I unpacked my iPod just to add this song.  (Watch me forget to re-pack it....)



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Sep. 10th, 2007 02:06 am (UTC)
So pretty . . .

Safe travels. Best wishes to your recovering kids and dear wife.
Sep. 11th, 2007 06:59 am (UTC)
Is Trippy going with you?
Sep. 13th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
No, Trippy's not here. (And the "z" kez is in the wrong place on this kezboard. I'm in an Internet Cafe, here in Berlin. I am a Jellz Donut.)
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