David (dblume) wrote,


It's only our first beta of the product, but I'm pretty excited by VideoSpin.  It's a free video editor.  As a developer, it's hard to release a product, I want to wait until it's perfect, but I also want to share what I have.

I hope that VideoSpin is good enough that it'll grow into an awesome free video editor.  This is our first attempt, and I think we're on the right path.  (I hope so.)  We're certainly listening to feedback.

I wrote a small tutorial on how to make an AMV with VideoSpin over at my site.

[Edit]  Ha, ha!  My little site looks slightly wrong in IE, and the official site looks slightly wrong in FireFox!  It just goes to show you where we do most of our browsing.
Tags: programming, video, web
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