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Random J-Pop Update

First, about the video above: Urusei Yastura and I go a long way back. (That's right. I've got a 20-year-old cassette of Hirano Fumi singing Lum's song's too.) I was investigating Nana Kitade, and was just about to give up when I heard this little gem.

It's good to know that somebody else loves Bonnie Pink probably more than I do. (That's a lot of high grades!) But it's a promising starting point, and I'll have to see what else Lex recommends.

Bonnie Pink played at this year's Live Earth concert. I'm a sucker for a woman who can sing and play guitar (or bass (lest I neglect Aimee Mann)).

Edit: Removed a reference to a bad experience of mine. The internet can be a very dangerous place. Even YouTube can put you in a place you don't want to be. Tread carefully.

Edit: When I bought that UY music cassette in Japan, Nana Kitade hadn't been born yet. And here she's singing the opening theme...



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Aug. 14th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
"... Nana Kitade hadn't been born yet."

Dude, don't say things like that! You make me feel... like Roman Polanski or something.

No, wait. Like Errol Flynn. Yeah! Much cooler. And he could get away with it....

Aug. 14th, 2007 05:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, that realization was a real wake-up call. I was in Japan during Ladera Travel's Japanimation tour in 1986. Almost a full year before she was born.

Urusei Yatsura is to Nana Kitade as I Love Lucy is to me.
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