David (dblume) wrote,

Trippy not in East Coast!

Trippy has his way with a squeaky toy lizard
Originally uploaded by dblume.

I took the family down to San Diego for Spring Break. At the San Diego Zoo, what do I see but a recent house guest of ours getting his groove on with another toy lizard in public!

Evidently, behind halophoenix and forestdweller's back, Trippy made his way to San Diego, donned a price tag, and jumped into a bin full of female squeaky toy lizards.

I pulled him out, and started to chew him out, when he squeaked, and security told me I'd have to buy him or put him back. I started to tell him that Trippy's not in the Zoo inventory, and that he actually belongs to a mannequin in Northern California, but thought better of it.

I put Trippy back with the girls and left. You win this round, Trippy.

I uploaded the enclosed photo without any editing. The EXIF data is exactly as the camera wrote. Note the date. Phoenix? Raevyn? Were you aware of this?

Tags: trippy
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