David (dblume) wrote,

Who we were then

I revamped my blog in ways that no one would notice or care.  I do that a lot!  But I'm so happy!

As part of the redesign, I found a function that lets me change the legend in the side bar (the Who-We-Are vs. Who-We-Were-Then bit) to reflect the kids' ages-at-the-time in archives as well as in individual posts.  (Previously, I only calculated their ages-at-the-time for individual posts.)

Also, joy of joys, I added little gravatars to the comments section.  I've wanted to do that forever.  (Even longer than I've wanted to create the killer app for OpenID.)

So here I am, gleefully posting to my friends at the Six Apart journal, about my (soon to be retired?) WordPress blog with the Google Blogger-inspired theme with Gravatars.
Tags: programming, web

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