David (dblume) wrote,

Honey, your porn video is shipping.

One of the video series I subscribe to from NetFlix is My Hime.  Every time we get a notification that the next DVD is shipping, my wife reads the message as,

"Your DVD, My Hiney, is shipping."

And she then never fails to let me know about my upcoming shipment of anal sex porn.

(And speaking of My Hime.  It's killing me that it's a 7 Disk series, but NetFlix only shows 6 in the database.  Yes, I know the 7th isn't out yet, but I'd prefer it if I could subscribe to the series, and when the 7th became available, it got magically added to my queue.  As it is, I have to keep re-checking to see if the final DVD is listed yet.)
Tags: anime

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