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Resolution: Feed your creative side

Is it too late for another new year's resolution?

Herb Sutter points out that Arthur C Clark got it right, the temptation to consume media is now overwhelming.

I loves me my comics, TV, books, movies MP3s, radio and video games.  I'm not giving them up.  Entirely.  But I am cutting back.  Enough that I can continue to make the things I enjoy making.

Personal note:  A big culprit for me is NetFlix.  I feel a compulsion to "work through" the queue I made, and to maximize the value of my subscription.  I won't sacrifice creative time to NetFlix so much anymore.


Jan. 6th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)
The two categories are "content creation" and "content consumption." So, I'm pretty sure everybody would put "reading books" in the correct category.

Those who think books are a more worthy or more noble medium than the others might hear dissent from me, though.

I did say that I loves me my movies.

I probably should go down to the one DVD at a time plan.