David (dblume) wrote,

Why You Rock

You inspire me to continue on with my personal projects and goals.   (Whether you run, play hockey, participate in NaNoWriMo, script in python, or take endless macro shots of your pinky figurines.)

You have superior netiquette, and employ correct grammar.  (I'm awed by your ability to reply thoughtfully to almost every comment.)

You understand how I once almost lost a girlfriend to nethack.

Your life is so similar to/different from mine, and you write so compellingly about it.  (Kids, zen, politics, gadgets, pop culture.)

You accept my love for tachikomas and rss feeds without judging me.  (Unless you're judging me...)

Thus ends my first lj love-fest post.  I almost named names, but the fact is that every one of you inspire me to be a better person in one way or another.  Thanks for that.

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