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Livin' The Dream

Happy Productivity Day, everyone.

My life is crazy.  It's hectic, there's disease, OCD, depression and other stuff.  But, when I put a certain spin on it, for a certain type of person, I'm really living the dream.  Let me spin:

I live in an area of the world with some clean air, brilliant people, and means to prosper.  I'm on good terms with people seeking to get and to give venture funding.  I'm on good terms with people who like to trade code snippets for fun.  Makers.  I lived in Silicon Valley before the boom, and survived the burst.  I live five minutes from one of the finest climbing gyms in the world.  My job is to make stuff people use and love.  My commute is less than 15 minutes.  I love the people with which I work.  I love my family, and they love me back.  I tell my kids I can do it (most anything) because I'm Daddy.  And they believe it.  For now, at least.
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