David (dblume) wrote,

DiddleBug, Mozy, Contacts & Calendar

So I recently discover DiddleBug as a viable improvement over NotePad, which produced smooth lines during the era of Tungsten T:

Resin Smooth

But when the Tungesten E was released, NotePad suddenly produced very low-rez blocky lines:

Resin Blocky

Why the backwards move? Anyway, DiddleBug produces smooth lines again! Yea! I really missed doodling. I'll fall back in love with sketching on my PDA!

But then I'm beginning to see that remote services have finally come of age. The Google Calendar API has been released, so I'm watching it closely, because we're on the verge of a convenience/usability threshold where I won't need to carry my PDA around for contact and calendar info. (I like the extensible CVS import of gmail contacts, but the whole sync process has to be a one-click step. Working on it.)

Of course, I'll still need the PDA for sokoban and doodling, I guess.

P.S. Speaking of remote services: I'd experimented with mozy a few months ago, then abandoned it because it wasn't configurable enough. But I've since returned to the encrypted-remote-backup fold. Mozy has been updated and now does what I want.

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