August 10th, 2008

Voices From Beyond The Grave

This is a plea for help.

I'm pleased with the way Karma Medic has turned out. She help me and all her other friends. Since I created her, I also gave her my password and authorized her to post in my stead, when I'm away.

Suppose I die in the near future. I'll keep posting to Plurk (because she'll be doing it), and she'll keep replying to my posts, because it's her job to reply to her friends' plurks.

While I'm dead, I'll be having conversations with myself at Plurk.

Here are the three alternating things she'll do when she's plurking on my behalf:
  1. Post a line that I've queued for her ahead of time. (I've got a running set of these. Complete with online interface for adding more, whenever I think of it.)
  2. Post an image that flickr has determined to be very interesting.
  3. Post an interesting image from a specific tag group from flickr.
These are the tag groups from which she'll be selecting images and posting them:
  • awesome, dark
  • awesome, light
  • san francisco, beautiful
  • robot, awesome
  • steampunk, cool
  • space, beautiful
  • rock, climbing
  • seattle, beautiful
From what other tag groups would you like to see images chosen?  I'm not going to add anything too wacky.  But I'm open to suggestions.  Feel free to suggest tag groups of two or three tags that you think would result in generally accessible and interesting pictures.

Help Improve Karma Medic's Vocabulary

Some of you might suggest that Karma Medic has a limited vocabulary.

Shame on you. Shame!

Here's your chance to atone for your intimation. What would you have Karma Medic say?

Given a plurk with plurk-qualifier verb, like "shares" or "loves" or any of the others, what's a reasonable non-committal response for her to give? She can read the plurk qualifier, so she can make a somewhat appropriate response. (Offensive responses can be funny, but they wear thin pretty quickly, so I probably won't be adding those.)

Also, when the original plurk has no specific qualifier, how should she respond?

Please, suggest away! What should KM say? Help her help you!