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August 5th, 2008

So Tweet It Is

  • 22:00 Tonight: Persepolis and massaging Karma Medic. #

Posted by LoudTwitter
Update 12/2009: Twitter's changed things around since I first made this post.  Now, prefer the home_timeline.rss instead of friends_timeline.rss if you want retweets included.  Also, "mentions" are no longer included in the home_timeline or friends_timeline.  So you'll have to make a similar "Fetch Feed" hierarchy for mentions.rss, and use the Union filter to take both feeds and join them together.

Yahoo Pipes can also be used for feed authentication (like Twitter Friend feeds). You could embed the username and password directly into the URL (in which case, everybody can see them), or you can hide them within a private string object, like this.

With a feed like that (with your own username and password), you can view your friends feed from Google Reader.



  • 5 Mar 2019, 22:27
    Welcome back to LJ.
    Even if it's just one post :-P

    People moved all over the internet.
    I stil like Plurk the best.
  • 4 Mar 2019, 06:13
    Good to see you checking in at LJ again, too. No, I'm not online anywhere like we used to be at LJ and Plurk. I really liked having a place where we could share our thoughts in a long-form post that…
  • 4 Mar 2019, 03:33
    Good to "see" you checking in at LJ... and taking steps to preserve your LJ and Google+ histories!

    Even better to see "you" and not your Dead Man Switch kicking in... again.

    Do you have a primary…
  • 13 Jan 2018, 18:54
    I "Searched" some of your archive looking for the fluorescent bulb post, but couldn't find it through 2009-02-06, and before that, LiveJournal no longer offers pages of your feed, just daily access,…
  • 10 Jan 2018, 18:22
    Ha ha! How coincidental, I was thinking about light bulbs yesterday myself. One of my Instagram contacts mentioned that the EU regulates the types of light bulbs people can use in their homes in…
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