July 7th, 2008

How Starbucks killed the iPhone

I purchase songs from iTunes because even if I can't buy the DRM-free version of the songs, I can remove the DRM with QTFairUse.  So, I'll always be able to take my songs with me.

I've been pretty diligent about not upgrading iTunes, just in case it becomes incompatible with QTFairUse.

One of the recent free iTunes "Pick of the Week" songs at Starbucks (I think it was Waking Up by Bitter:Sweet) required an upgrade from my crufty old iTunes 7.2 to 7.6.  I've been thinking about getting an iPhone, and in a moment of weakness, I upgraded my version of iTunes.

And sadly, that put my iTunes in a walled garden, because Apple sent a cease and desist to the QTFairUse team, and QTFairUse doesn't work with iTunes 7.6.  Now any new songs I purchase with DRM will have to have the DRM stuck to them.  I shouldn't have upgraded.

This is pretty disappointing.  iTunes feels cripped to me now, since all the songs I want are DRM-only there.  My disappointment in being stuck with the DRM at iTunes translates to the iPhone, too.  So, now I'm not so sure I want the iPhone 3G either.

Darn.  I wonder if I can regress my iTunes library back to 7.2...

FireFox 3.0 bug when inserting links into LiveJournal posts

I'd just like to draw more attention to the following issue.

Bugzilla's bug 434022 is annoying. When creating a link with LiveJournal's Rich Text editor in Firefox 3.0, it appears that the link was correctly inserted, but if you examine the actual link created by viewing it in HTML mode, you'll see that a nonsense placeholder link, like, "javascript:void(0);/*1215422220401*/", was made instead.