April 16th, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking...

Suppose one wanted to move their MP3 of Koda Kumi's "Anytime" onto their iPod.  So, they drag it over to iTunes, but nothing happens.  They even select File->Add File To Library.., but Anytime just won't get imported.  But the song plays just fine in Windows Media Player.

Augh!  That someone would be pretty frustrated.

That someone would then probably open Anytime in Mp3tag and notice that the Codec wasn't MPEG 1 or 2 Layer III.  They'd wonder why iTunes is so picky.

Then they'd open Anytime in Audacity (with the LAME MP3 Codec) and transcode it to another file.  They'd have to trim it in a little bit to remove some popping, and they'd have to manually move the cover art from the old MP3 to the new one.

But then, they'd be able to get Anytime onto their iPod.

Hypothetically speaking.

And this is here for anybody who Googles for iTunes and "won't import" "can't import", MP3 file.