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January 6th, 2008

Ultimate Bumblebee Rocks!

If you've got a household with a technically-oriented dad and a five-year-old boy, then Ultimate Bumblebee rocks.  It's basically the Transformer toy I wish I had when I was a kid.  It takes time to transform (which I have to do), but robot mode and car mode each have their own effects.

In robot mode, his arms, wings and head animate.  (A special button causes his weapon arm to raise, "aim" and shoot a little missile.)

In car mode, pushing him along changes the rev of the engine sound, and causes different audio clips to play.

Maybe we'll get tired of it, but right now we're both loving it!  Aaron's other action figures are all surprised that the car turns into a robot.  (He's introducing them one at a time.)  He'll wiggle spiderman in front of the car and say for him, "But it looks like just a car."  Then he'll tell me, "Okay, Dad.  Transform him."

And the mini poseable Bumblebee is going to work with me and will stand with the little tachikoma.  (Um, don't tell the kid.)

P.S.  I know this really sounds like an Amazon review.  But it's sincere, and I wanted to blog here.


Lady Miss Kier! We need you!

I blame Public School, but my kids have begun singing Rihanna's Umbrella lately. That'd be OK, the lyrics aren't that bad.

Except, well: The part they like to sing the most is, "Ella. Ella. Ella. Eh, eh, eh, eh."  Over and over again.

The other downside? Its video. It's just so sexy. The skin. The wet. The leather. The sensual looks.  Aww, I can't really feel good about sitting the kids in front of the video of the song they like so much.

That's one of the reasons I like Bonnie Pink's So Wonderful so much.  It's got a similar supportive message, but the video is playfully sexy, and still completely fine for kids.  Sure, it's J-Pop, but the video's throw-back groovy style reminds me of Lady Kier from her Deee-Lite days.

Ahh.  Music that's fun.

Bonnie's video after the cut....Collapse )




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    Welcome back to LJ.
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    People moved all over the internet.
    I stil like Plurk the best.
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    Good to "see" you checking in at LJ... and taking steps to preserve your LJ and Google+ histories!

    Even better to see "you" and not your Dead Man Switch kicking in... again.

    Do you have a primary…
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