June 13th, 2007

Regarding that last post...

I'm trying to train myself a certain key sequence.  Whenever I see or type a word that I don't know, I'm trying to seamlessly do the following:
  1. Select the word.  (Often Shift+Ctrl+LeftArrow, or use mouse if hand is already on it)
  2. Ctrl+C  (copy)
  3. Windows+S  (Bring focus to DQSD)
  4. Ctrl+V  (paste)
  5. Shift+;  (type the colon character, which tells DQSD to query M-W dictionary)
  6. Enter  (Tell DQSD to go get it.)
But that combination of Ctrl+Shift,Ctrl,Windows,Ctrl,Shift is a finger twister!   This is a hard skill to get right.  But it'll be worth it.


My userpic captures a once endearing family tradition.

I'd pick up the kid, get a little too close to her face, and she'd bite my nose.  It was a game that we played.

Something went horribly wrong today with my son, though.

We woke up this morning to find that the window to Aaron's room was open and something had climbed in.  Aaron was still in bed and he must have slept through it because he was still sleeping! 

I pulled down the sheets, and saw that he'd lost all his color.  I'd rustle him, and he'd only moan.  This wasn't like him at all!  Maybe the cold air made him sick?

I picked him up, and he was limp in my arms.  So I'd playfully nuzzle him with my nose to get a reaction.  He twisted and gave me a large vicious bite on the nose.  Lucky for him I didn't throw him down on the spot.

I yelped and went to the mirror.  The little bugger drew blood!

I sternly told him never to bite me like that again, and we weren't going to play that game until my nose got better.  He was pretty much unresponsive.  He just sat there and licked the blood around his mouth.  Disgusting.  I had to go to work, so I left him with his sister and mother.

[Edit1]I'm at work now.  My nose isn't getting any better.  It's getting worse, there's bruising and puss.  I called home to ask my wife, the nurse, what she thought.  No one is picking up.  Thith ith embarrathing.[/Edit1]

[Edit2]Hurm... Brains...[/Ed