October 12th, 2006

Never Eat Directly from a Package

When I give my kids unhealthy snacks, I pour them from the original container into small bowls. But when I eat them, I just nibble directly from the original container. Why don't I treat myself with the same consideration I treat my kids?

MaoXian posts an except from the NY Times article, Seduced by Snacks:
Dr. Wansink is particularly proud of his bottomless soup bowl, which he and some undergraduates devised with insulated tubing, plastic dinnerware and a pot of hot tomato soup rigged to keep the bowl about half full. The idea was to test which would make people stop eating: visual cues, or a feeling of fullness.

People using normal soup bowls ate about nine ounces. The typical bottomless soup bowl diner ate 15 ounces. Some of those ate more than a quart, and didn’t stop until the 20-minute experiment was over.

Burned into my Mind

From the Grind House trailer, the image of Rose McGowan blowing the smoke from her machine gun prosthetic leg like she’s drying toenail polish is burned permanently in my mind.  I'm a 14-year-old all over again.