September 24th, 2006


The Curiously Recurring and Redundant Terminating Preposition

Each month, my child's public school sends a variant of the same homework assignment.  The task is the same, but the details vary.  The one constant thing is the opening sentence with the following grammatical error:

"Every month our kindergarten classes do a family art project in which all members are encouraged to participate in."

Gatchaman + Casshern = Karas

I was raised on G-Force and Battle of the Planets.  (Never understood 7-Zark-7, and always resented his presence.)  I've since followed Yoshitaka Amano's work (and was pleasantly surprised by his collaboration with Neil Gaiman), while my son watches sentai shows like variants of the Power Rangers.

Anywho, if you liked the Casshern movie and you liked Gatchaman, I'd recommend Karas.  It doesn't have the soul of the original Gatchaman, but it's the most beautiful sentai-ish movie I've seen, by far.  (Beauty without the soul usually puts me to sleep, but the invigorating action in Kara kept me interested.)