August 22nd, 2006

Redesign Abandoned

I've been getting tired of the dark outline around the panels on my blog, and have been toying around with a redesign. I want something more sophisticated, but my own.

I still like the idea of a very subtle shadow at the bottom right, and I like the idea of the panels/columns distinguished by body color, not border color.

So, I doodle.

And I learn once again, why I tend to make the back-ends and engines, and leave the UI up to people who can do it.

The blog redesign is not terrible, just not better enough to warrant doing it. Maybe I'll think of something eventually. (And I'm open to suggestions.)

Rigali's Law and Lovaglia's Law

If they were dictionary words, then "Rigali Lovaglia" would be a Googlewhack. But there's no good reason for it, their laws should be far more prevalent.

These are two of the most important laws you can know.

Rigali's Law : The more important the buying decision, the higher the emotional proportion will be of that decision.

and, more generally,

Lovaglia’s Law: The more important the outcome of a decision, the more people will resist using evidence to make it.