David (dblume) wrote,

Five Years is Quite Enough

I'm officially closing my constantly-updated-for-five-years Baby Photo Album. I can be such a control-freak dinosaur, sometimes. Here are some notes:

  1. Five-year-olds are not babies, anymore, are they?
  2. They also have some right to determine what can be shown to the public.
  3. Five years ago, it wasn't so bad to crop, filter, and meticulously save jpgs based on image size/quality and EXIF data (not in thumbnail, but in "full size"). Some people still connected by modem, after all. Today, that's just silly.
  4. The album used to be for family who had modem connections. Now they have broadband, and now the album is for me, at work. Sometimes I just like seeing the kids.
  5. I didn't completely convert to flickr because I couldn't make enough albums with my free account. I'm revisiting my ease-of-organization-and-access regarding flickr and gallery.
Have I mentioned my love for the fact that Paint Shop Pro uses Python for its scripting language?  How wonderful is that?
Tags: programming, web

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