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Why 2006 will rock

I'm really enthusiastic about this year. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The Web's Visual Standards get Adapted

Microsoft's finally playing ball! The newest Internet Explorer will better support CSS and .png graphics. That makes maintaining the front end of our sites much easier! And that lets website designers spend their time making awesome sites, not resolving browser incompatibilities. Everybody already knows the buzz about the backend. I'm hyped about the front-end, that tip-of-the-iceberg that the user sees. The .png format is going to go a long way towards easing our lives, not to mention just one clean css file.

More visual standards will bubble to the top. It's nice that everyone, including Microsoft, is adapting the standard feed icon. That, and services like gravatar are making all the nice spots on the web feel comfortable. You recognize people and resources on any given website.

2. Mature Services, Freeware and Shareware

I've been using many things sourceforge for a very long time. There's always been a little pride and principle involved in my choice of software. But now, there are quite a few products that I prefer to their commercial bretheren based on feature-set alone. Props go out to WordPress (especially for the features in 2.0), LiveJournal (especially for the friends page, and seducing so many bloggers from their own hand-crafted sites), FileZilla (an ftp client), and 7-Zip (file compression/decompression). I don't see any compelling reason to buy their commercial counterparts.

3. Firefox AddOns

Life is further made easier by Firefox's AddOns, especially the del.icio.us addon, the bookmark synchronizer, and the web designer addon. Invaluable!



  • dblume
    5 Mar 2019, 22:27
    Welcome back to LJ.
    Even if it's just one post :-P

    People moved all over the internet.
    I stil like Plurk the best.
  • dblume
    4 Mar 2019, 06:13
    Good to see you checking in at LJ again, too. No, I'm not online anywhere like we used to be at LJ and Plurk. I really liked having a place where we could share our thoughts in a long-form post that…
  • dblume
    4 Mar 2019, 03:33
    Good to "see" you checking in at LJ... and taking steps to preserve your LJ and Google+ histories!

    Even better to see "you" and not your Dead Man Switch kicking in... again.

    Do you have a primary…
  • dblume
    13 Jan 2018, 18:54
    I "Searched" some of your archive looking for the fluorescent bulb post, but couldn't find it through 2009-02-06, and before that, LiveJournal no longer offers pages of your feed, just daily access,…
  • dblume
    10 Jan 2018, 18:22
    Ha ha! How coincidental, I was thinking about light bulbs yesterday myself. One of my Instagram contacts mentioned that the EU regulates the types of light bulbs people can use in their homes in…
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