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What just happened?

OK. So I rip a 10-year-old audio cassette with a trial version of GoldWave. Two sides turned out to be two 200 MB wav files. I then set some cue points, and split the files into files the sizes of the songs. Then I name the files the names of their songs in romanji, like, "Melancholy no Kiseki.wav" (Everything at 1411 kbps, stereo, 44 kHz, so CD ready, pretty much.)

Then I drop them into Windows Media Player, make a Burn List, and burn them to CD. It has to do lots of analysis, but eventually burns the CD. I eject the CD, and admire the new grooves.

I insert the CD, and iTunes pops up. And iTunes displays this:

What the hey?! All that information is correct! How did it know? Did Windows Media Player try to match my nasty analog capture to a database of audio fingerprints? That's pretty accurate! Does that mean I can buy my music somewhere? I'd love to! I didn't think it could be had!
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