Progress on my Google+ and LJ backups

Since Google is going to shut down Google+, I decided it was time to really make a home for my LiveJournal backup and my Google+ backup.

Working on them has been very nostalgic, even moreso for LiveJournal. I have really fond memories of my conversations with my LiveJournal friends. Love you guys so much! Always will.

I'm happier with my LiveJournal backup, too. Here are some of the features:

  • Overall design reminiscent of my LiveJournal layout, including nested replies, embedded media, and lj-cuts. But no ads!
  • If the page width is too big, keeps the post width short enough for better readability.
  • As you decrease the page width, the post test wraps. If with page width is very small, as on a phone, the sidebar moves to top and bottom, leaving the entire width for the post.
  • Removed spam, most dead replies, and useless auto-posts from Twitter. (If a Tweet started a conversation though, I kept it.)
  • Entire site is static. No frameworks. All the responsiveness was done with CSS grid, max-width, and one @media (max-width) conditional.
  • Accessibility! Use single-finger swiping on touch devices, or keyboard navigation if you have a keyboard.

Here are a few of the posts that were fun for me to revisit:

I better stop. Those were good times.

One note on Google+, I liked it way better when it looked more like the picture here, and wish they'd accepted my suggestion. Would've made a big difference for users like me.


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