David (dblume) wrote,

David and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today was to be errand day.  But an out-of-town family member needed to drop by so his young daughter could take naps and play with my kids while he was stuck in the neighborhood on business.  That was OK, I just wouldn't run quite so many errands then.

The credit card company (for our only credit card) emailed me to verify that the last few purchases were fraudulent.  They were.  We cancelled the credit card, and will now update all the accounts with recurring charges, and will wait for the new cards in the mail.

The kids wanted to watch TV, but the remote wasn't working.  I replaced the batteries, but the remote still didn't work.  I tried a few flavors of new sets of batteries and factory resets, but they failed, too.  (It's a TiVo remote, and the resets rely on an amber light turning on and staying solid, but the amber light flashes in my case, and never goes solid, even when holding down the special combination of buttons.)  So no watching T.V. for the kids and our guests today.

My son left his new jacket at the community pool yesterday, and when we went there to retrieve it today, it wasn't there.  The pool area has no lost-and-found.  Any clothes left there that get picked up by the janitorial staff get thrown away. (They're usually wet underwear and such. Nobody's going to want to pick that up and store it in lost-and-found.)

I had to set a "home" user environment variable on my Windows computer so that ffmpeg could render the gource movie of my lifestream.  But that broke the automatic backup script that I have run from cygwin.  I was done with the movie, so I went to my System Properties  window, selected the "HOME" User variable, and clicked on the Delete button ... wait for it ... under the the System environment variables group.  That's right, I deleted whatever default selected System-wide environment variable was there for the whole family.  I have no idea what I just permanently deleted. The computer might be good and screwed at this point.

I took my kids to get their haircuts today, since their usual person should be back from vacation.  Not only was she not back yet, they don't know when she'll be back, and the line for haircuts was over an hour long.  We left without the haircuts.

I went to Best Buy and Fry's looking for a replacement TiVo remote. No luck.

Our Rock Band drum set broke.  (OK, that was yesterday.  But I may as well pile it in there.)

Today can DIAF.

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