David (dblume) wrote,

HP Mini 2140, Dell Mini 12, iPhone or Pre?

We're continuously fighting over the computers in my household, so the time seems ripe for another one. And I want it to be a netbook, an iPhone, or a Palm Pre. My hands are too big for the smallest Eee PCs, so I won't even go there. So here's what I've been doing.

I've been Osborning for the HD HP Mini 2140. (If you didn't click that "Osborning" link, it doesn't mean I've been biting the heads off of bats, it means I've been delaying purchasing products based on the promise of a future release.)

Looking into the HP Minis revealed something surprising to me. The Mini 1000 and 2140 are similar in many ways, but the unintuitive bit was this: The tinier 8.9" screen's resolution is 1024 x 600, but the larger 10.1" screen's resolution is only 1024 x 576.

What the hey? Based on what I saw at the store, I almost bought the one with the bigger screen! Because a bigger screen means a bigger screen, right? Not in this case.  That's why I was so happy to hear the rumor of the bigger screen on the HD HP Mini 2140, that puts that particular netbook back in the running.

In my despair, I began to look seriously at the Dell Inspiron Mini 12. (Larger than I'd want to carry around, but the bigger keyboard and screen would be appreciated.)

But then again, if I had a Palm Pre or an iPhone, I'd have a rich interface to the internet with me at all times. (Except I don't want to pay for their data plans or have to change carriers.)

Anyway, only a couple of days until I find out of the HD HP Mini 2140 is going to be real. But if I get it, would it arrive in time for my vacation?

Choices, choices.

  • HD HP Mini 2140 - PRO: size, just right.  CON: sorta expensive
  • Dell Mini 12 - PRO: size when considering screen and keyboard CON: size when considering storage, carrying
  • Apple iPhone - PRO: ubiquity (good for software selection), same carrier. CON: data plan expense
  • Palm Pre - PRO: keyboard, access to my favorite Palm apps.  CON: different carrier
Tags: geek, toys

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