David (dblume) wrote,

Hypothetically Speaking Again... (LAME saves the day again)

Hypothetically speaking (again), suppose you bought Bonnie Pink's beautiful ballad "Water Me" on iTunes.  No, wait, scratch that.  At Amazon.  No, wait, scratch that, too.  Neither place sells it.  Story of my life.

So you fly to Japan, buy a digital copy, and fly back.

They you decide that you want to sync your iTunes library with your OpenTape playlists -- Only to discover that OpenTape only plays the first few seconds then fails over to the next track.

Then, hypothetically, you'd transcode it in LAME (maybe in the Audacity GUI) form the original MP3 to another (arbitrarily lower bitrate) MP3.  You'd try the newly created file in OpenTape, and discover that it now works as expected.

Thank you, LAME!

Then, hypothetically, you'd also have to start looking into the best python-friendly way to manipulate tags (really, just copy them from the original to the transcoded one).  Maybe pytagger or pyid3lib?

Tags: geek, music, python, solved

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