David (dblume) wrote,

Dear Lazyweb: Help with Lifestream Design

I've got a new feature in my lifestream, but I don't know how to expose it. Currently, the lifestream entries look like this:

I like this look, because it's uncluttered. There are only two noticeable links when you hover over stuff. The text in the middle is a link to the original entry, and the little icon to the right takes you to my account at that site.

However, I decided it would be handy to be able to have lifestream pages that show only entries from livejournal, my family blog, delicious, or plurk, or any of the others.  I made it so.  Yay!  There they are!

But now the problem: From where should I put links to them? It's the same issue as with the lifestream legend. The lifestream legend is meant to be just a little table to help the reader know which services are being tracked. It's a handy thing, but it doesn't belong on the lifestream page. So I left it out.

But it seems like I should be able to put links to the filtered pages somewhere. Hopefully from the lifestream itself, because that's the handiest. But a new link from that page will hurt the current design. Here are some examples that would put the link just to the left of the little icon at the end:

I don't know what I should do.  In the picture above there's a picture of a funnel, which apparently is geek code for "filter."  Below that is an icon of a page with a green "go" arrow (from famfamfam), and below that is a down arrow unicode character.  Below that is a nebulous, mysterious box.  I'm not really pleased with any of these.  I like the feature, but just don't know how to expose it.

Do you have any ideas of what would look good?  Should I leave those links out of the lifestream and put them in from the legend?  Maybe I should change the link of the icon at the end to be to the filtered page instead of my account page at the remote service?
[Edit]  Currently, I changed the link of the icon at the end to point to the filtered page.  I'll see how that works.

Tags: geek, programming, python, web

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