David (dblume) wrote,

A Dream about Flying and Saving Friends

My friends and I were on a safari on the remote plains of Africa. We were divided into two jeeps.

We came across a few ten-foot-high square cages positioned at odd angles to each other. Their sides were chain link, and they were clearly getting old.

That's where I got out to explore the cages. I didn't go inside, but climbed up the chain link sides to get to the top and get a better view of the plains. After looking around, I climbed back down again.

One of the jeeps broke down, and my friends were gathered around the stranded jeep when a pride of lions began approaching them for an attack. I ran back to the square cages and climbed back to the top. The lions could climb a tree, but this rusty old vertical chain link siding would be too much of a challenge for them.

My friends couldn't make it to the cages, and might not even be able to climb them if they tried. Most of them were able to get inside the jeep, but the jeep's canvas wouldn't protect them indefinitely from the lions.

Standing on top of the cage watching this, I didn't know what to do for a few seconds. Then I realized that I could transform into a slightly large golden eagle. So I did, and stood there perched on the cage watching the lions.

I weighed my new options (I wasn't big enough to take on an adult lion), and took off. I flew towards the lions with the intent of swooping around the lions and clawing at them, distracting and annoying them indefinitely to protect my friends. I knew it could take a while, but it wouldn't take forever. Either my friends would figure something out, or the lions would lose interest in this prey that had the annoying bird.

I was flying around protecting my friends from the lions when I woke up.

It might have been just a wish fulfillment dream, but it was nice while it lasted.  Sure beats real life problems that are completely out of our control.

(The image was taken by Phil Myers and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.)

Tags: dreams

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