David (dblume) wrote,

dblume the teacher

Last week, I volunteered to drive a bunch of second graders to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and I got volunteered to teach 5 sessions of the "chain of life in the Slough" class.

Yes, that's me, in a rare moment of actually having the attention of a classroom full of seven-year-olds.

The class was actually pretty fun.  The bowls of green water came from the sloughs just outside, and they were full of life!  They were pretty good for demonstrating the differences between the producers (the phytoplankton), primary consumers (things that eat that) and secondary consumers (things that eat those, too).

I had a big microscope with a monitor attached to it that could show the whole class what I was examining.  It was a hit.

All the kids were pretty well behaved.  The only hard part was the cleanup.  There was phytoplankton everywhere!  (OK, I don't really use words like that.  But I wanted to sound teachery so davidd would understand.)

Props to the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, an endangered species that only lives a few miles from my home.  Happy Unbirthday to you.  (They only live 9 months, so they don't see a birthday.)

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