David (dblume) wrote,

Returning to Firefox from Chrome

Aww.  I liked Chrome.  A lot.  I even made it my primary browser.  I liked the algorithmic home tab page.  (It shows you little thumbnails of the pages you go to the most.  Smart.  It helps me get to where I most likely want to go.)  I also really enjoyed the faster rendering.  I even tore tabs into other application windows.  I was getting used to the Chrome way of things.  It was nice.

For the most part, Chrome delivers.  It's a great first release of a beta into a mature commodity market.

But today, I returned to Firefox.  Chrome has the following problems that I just can't get past:
  • No native ATOM/RSS support.  (Seriously-  Are feeds not the most important modern feature of the web?)
  • Immature Bookmarking system. (no plugins (Foxmarks/Delicious) to workaround this, either).
  • Rare AJAX incompatibility with all other browsers.  (Chrome doesn't support the AJAX drag-and-drop in Netflix's queues, for example.)
Chrome, I'll be keeping an eye on you, and with major releases, I'll come back and give you another go.  Good luck, there.
Tags: geek, web

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