David (dblume) wrote,

Are you married?

For our wedding anniversary, we went to Teatro Zinzanni.

There was a skit where this lonely chef pulled a woman from the audience and chatted her up.  He told her she was so beautiful and so on, and then asked if she's married.

She answered, "yes."

He acted playfully dejected, then he looked at her table, and asked, "So where's the lucky man?"

She explained, "It's not a man.  My wife is in the seat next to mine."

The audience roared.  The lonely chef ad-libbed like a champ through the rest of the skit.

I love my state.

And I gotta say, Teatro Zinzanni wasn't bad either.  There's room in my heart for both Teatro Zinzanni and Beach Blanket Babylon.
Tags: art

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