David (dblume) wrote,

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

This post is going to "out" me more so than usual as an old-school anime fan.

I've really been enjoying Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad lately.  What's frustrating is that I can't really share it with anybody who doesn't already have a tolerance for something like that.  And by something like that, I don't just mean anime.  I mean someone has to be able to look past the inconsistent production quality, the minimal art style, and the awkward attempts at rock n' roll in English by Japanese singers.

If you can get past that, there's a tried-and-true story there that I'm always a sucker for.  There's an earnest innocence to it:  An average Joe who can excel when he gives it his all.  The love interest who should be out of his reach, but amazingly seems to be there for him, despite a superficial aloofness.

This story has a few things in common with Kimagure Orange Road, there.

I flatter myself to think the show also reminds me of a time in my youth.  Certainly not junior high school.  That sucked, plain and simple.  But there were a couple of glorious years in high school where I got to spend a couple of hours a day with upper class girls.  (Playing chess during lunch with Cassie and working on the school paper with Denise.)  Nothing ever came of that time but fond memories of our friendships.  But watching Beck's Koyuki's relationship develop with Maho manages to bring some of those memories back.  I'm lucky for what I got.
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